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Brand: Comfort Zone Features: PROMOTES RELAXATION: Vapor mimics natural cat pheromones that signal familiarity and safety. Creates a calm and relaxing environment. Great for soothing new kittens or when adopting a cat DRUG-FREE: Drug-free solution that helps to calm your stressed cat and reduce urine spraying, scratching, and other unwanted behaviors VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED: Comfort Zone is a veterinarian recommended solution to keeping cats, safe, happy, and calm 60 DAYS OF CALM: Single diffuser starter kit is an ideal first-time diffuser experience. Blanket approximately 650 sq ft with harmonizing pheromones for up to 60 days. Multiple diffusers may be needed in spaces with vaulted ceilings or open-concept floor plans TRUSTED & CERTIFIED: Diffusers meet UL safety standards and include a shut-off feature to prevent overheating. Rotatable plug ensures upright placement in any wall outlet HOW TO USE: Plug diffuser upright into a wall outlet with vents facing up and never into power strips. Improper use may cause the diffuser to become discolored, increased odor, or cause leaking

Comfort Zone Cat Calming Kit- 2 pack

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